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Does workers' comp cover death benefits?

Suffering the loss of a loved one due to a work-related death is something no person should ever have to go through. Sadly, every year thousands of families are forced to endure this tragic and often traumatizing experience. While trying to cope with the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is hard enough,...

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Getting workers' compensation for a work-related burn injury

Some of the most serious and life-changing injuries workers sustain on the job are burns. Not only do burns cause a significant amount of pain, but they can also be disfiguring and have a lifelong impact. Those who work around hot stoves, on construction sites, around hazardous materials, and around electrical sources or boilers are...

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Common hazardous and toxic exposures on the job

All Mississippi workers are exposed to at least some injury and illness risks on the job. Professions that involve working with hazardous or toxic chemicals are particularly dangerous. Workers in some professions are regularly exposed to toxins in the air they breathe. Workers who become ill as a result of toxic exposure at work can...

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Getting a doctor's note after a workplace accident

Suffering a work-related injury can turn your life upside-down. The last thing many people want to deal with is the paperwork that comes with any visit to a health care professional. They figure someone will have records of what was said, done, ordered, prescribed and so on. In a computer. In a filing cabinet. Somewhere....

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Study finds link between hazardous material exposure & sarcoidosis

It's common for those who work in construction and other industrial occupations to regularly be exposed to silica, beryllium and other materials that could be hazardous to health. According to a recent study conducted by Dutch researchers and published in the journal Respiratory Research, occupational exposure to silica and beryllium can lead to an inflammatory disease...

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