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Injuries Caused by Concrete and Cement on Mississippi Construction Sites

The concrete is unloaded from the concrete mixer.

Common construction accident injuries involving cement and concrete.

Construction accidents in Mississippi often result in serious injuries. In fact, construction accidents are consistently one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the state. Nearly 16 percent of all workplace fatalities in Mississippi in 2022 occurred in the construction industry, according to the most recent workplace accident statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

What is cement and concrete?

Concrete and cement are two of the most common construction materials used at building sites.

Cement is a powder that creates a strong binding material when mixed with water and other components, including sand, gravel, and limestone.

Cement is also the main component in concrete, another solid substance that can serve as the foundation for a building and support the entire weight of a building.

There are several different types of cement, including:

  • Portland cement, also known as hydraulic cement. This is one of the oldest, most common, and most durable types of cement.
  • Rapid hardening cement. As the name suggests, this cement hardens quicker than many other types of cement.
  • Quick setting cement, which hardens even faster than rapid-hardening cement.
  • Sulfate resisting cement (SRC). This is often used in areas with high sulfate in the soil.

Concrete and cement can be abrasive and corrosive to the skin. Both materials also weigh a lot. As a result, if cement or concrete is not handled correctly, injuries can easily occur. Some of the most common construction injuries and illnesses caused by concrete include:

  • Lung diseases, especially lung cancer. This is caused by inhaling hazardous materials often found in cement or concrete.
  • Chemical burns due to skin coming into direct contact with corrosive and caustic materials found in both substances.
  • Vision problems, including blindness. This can happen when harmful particles enter the eye.
  • Back injuries, including spinal cord injuries. These can be caused by lifting heavy cement or concrete.
  • Head injuries caused by cement or concrete falling onto construction workers.
  • Bone fractures due to cement or concrete crushing workers at construction sites.
  • Injuries caused by tripping or falling over or into wet cement or concrete.

Why do construction accidents occur involving cement and concrete?

Because cement and concrete can be potentially dangerous, construction companies need to take precautions to prevent accidents involving such substances. Unfortunately, some construction companies neglect to take preventative measures, resulting in a serious workplace injury or illness. Examples of construction company negligence include:

  • Failing to provide construction workers with safety equipment, including respirators, hard hats, gloves, and eyewear.
  • Not providing safety training to construction workers explaining how to handle concrete or cement safely.
  • Not posting warning signs at construction sites alerting workers to potential hazards, such as wet cement, steel rebar protruding from cement, and unfinished building foundations.
  • Loading too much concrete in one place. This can result in a structural failure and, in some cases, a building collapse.
  • Not regularly inspecting a construction site to ensure it’s safe for workers and meets all the applicable local, state, and federal safety regulations.

What can construction companies do to prevent accidents?

As briefly explained above, there are many things construction companies can do to prevent accidents involving cement or concrete, including:

  • Provide safety equipment to construction workers.
  • Post warning signs at construction sites alerting workers to potential hazards.
  • Train construction workers on how to respond to a workplace accident involving cement or concrete.
  • Regularly inspect the construction site to make sure it’s safe for workers to use.
  • Provide safety training to construction workers, explaining how to handle concrete and cement safely.
  • When accidents or injuries involve cement or concrete, ensure injured workers receive immediate medical attention.

What are my legal options after a construction accident in Mississippi?

Construction workers injured in an accident often have several legal options available in Mississippi. Depending on the circumstances of your injury or illness, such options often include:

  • Receive workers’ compensation benefits to help pay for your injury-related expenses if you qualify for such benefits.
  • In addition to workers’ compensation, they receive a one-time settlement offer payment to help pay for injury expenses.
  • Before agreeing to accept a settlement offer, negotiate a better offer and ask for more money.
  • File a construction accident lawsuit against the at-fault party seeking damages, the legal term for financial compensation.

Why should I hire a Mississippi construction accident lawyer?

Construction accident claims in Mississippi are often a bit like construction projects – complicated undertakings involving many different parts. In the case of construction accidents, you may need to deal with government agencies, construction companies, insurance companies, and their attorneys to get the financial compensation you rightfully deserve.

Add all these different organizations up, and you often have a complicated situation that could result in you not receiving the money you need to get your life back on track. That’s why our Mississippi construction accident lawyers at Tabor Law Firm, P.A. in Jackson want to help. We know how the legal system works and understand the rules and regulations that apply to construction accidents. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success.

Get the Mississippi law firm that will fight for you. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with a Mississippi construction accident attorney ready to build a strong legal case on your behalf. Our Jackson office is conveniently located on North Congress Street, and we proudly serve injured workers throughout Mississippi.

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