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Making Work Conditions Safer for Employees in Mississippi

Mississippi workers' compensationPhysical labor comes with a risk. Manufacturing, maintenance, and construction are just a few professions that require rigorous physical activity and sometimes lead to unexpected injuries. Such injuries are often caused by poor work conditions, lack of proper training, defective equipment, and general negligence. In other cases, employees could be exposed to hazardous chemicals and environmental conditions that could result in illness.

The growing number of severe injuries sustained in the workforce is staggering. As a worker, it is crucial to understand the measures you can take to contribute to a safe work environment.

Thousands of Workers Are Injured Each Year

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported 10,388 severe work-related injuries in 2015. That includes 7,636 employees who were hospitalized and 2,644 employees who needed amputations. In the same year, The United State Department of Labor reported that 4,836 work-related injuries were fatal. Transportation incidents, contact with objects and equipment, violence by persons or animals, and falls were listed as primary causes for work-related deaths.

As incidents like this continue to occur, regulations tighten on employers nationwide. OSHA reports that a Springfield, Massachusetts packaging plant has agreed to enhance workplace safeguards. Failure to do so could result in a hefty penalty fee. A Moonachie, New Jersey hair distribution company was penalized after hazardous remains were found in the warehouse. As a result, OSHA proposed $181,280 in penalties. A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania masonry contractor was cited for exposing workers to dangerous conditions after an employee died from electrocution. OSHA proposed $201,354 in penalties.

Safeguards That Can Be Implemented in the Workplace

There are many precautions that can be taken to prevent workplace injuries. Convergence Training offers a slew of daily safeguards that employers and employees can put in place. Workers should always inform supervisors of unsafe conditions and defective equipment. Additionally, workers should undergo thorough training in order to carry out their daily job functions without the risk of injury. Wearing proper clothing and gear, using correct posture when lifting, and keeping work areas clear of debris are just a few habits that workers should practice.

Know Your Rights as an Employee

As a worker, it is important to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Employers are responsible for providing extensive training and safe work conditions. If you have sustained an injury as an employee, then we can help you fight to receive the compensation you deserve. Consult with a Mississippi workers' compensation attorney, and take action immediately. Your rights as a worker should be protected.

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