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Tactics Insurance Companies Use in Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Claims

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Don't let the insurance company take advantage of your work injury.

A work accident can be a life-altering event, but seeking workers' compensation benefits is a good first step toward a full recovery. However, the process of obtaining the benefits you deserve is not always straightforward, and insurance companies often employ various tactics that can reduce or deny your claim.

Injured workers face a complex situation where it's crucial for them to be fully aware of their rights and take appropriate actions. By seeking the guidance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney, you can even the odds and ensure that your rights are protected.

Tactic 1: Unclear or lack of communication

One tactic used by insurance companies is to maintain a lack of communication with injured workers. They may delay or avoid responding to inquiries, leaving you in the dark about the progress of your claim.

This type of inconsistent communication can make it difficult for you to understand your rights and the status of your case.

Tactic 2: Delays in the process

Insurance companies may deliberately delay the procedural processing of workers' compensation claims. They may take longer than necessary to review medical records, investigate the accident, or make a determination on your claim.

This delay tactic puts pressure on injured workers and potentially discourages them from pursuing their rightful benefits.

Tactic 3: Challenging injuries

Another tactic insurance companies use is to dispute the severity of injuries or deny authorization for necessary medical treatment. They may question the extent of your injuries, challenge whether it was work-related, or attempt to downplay the impact on your ability to work.

Through this tactic, insurance companies aim to minimize their financial obligations.

Tactic 4: Recommending "light duty"

While it might initially seem appealing to take up a "light duty" job during your recovery from a work injury, there are important factors to consider. On one hand, light duty allows you to maintain some income and demonstrates your commitment to work.

However, this decision could potentially have adverse effects on your workers' compensation claim, as it is one of the common tactics employed to delay the overall process.

The workers' compensation adjuster might exploit your ability to perform the light-duty job as evidence that your injury is not as severe as you claim, which could result in reduced compensation or even denial of benefits.

Moreover, undertaking a job that your injury prevents you from safely executing could aggravate your injuries further. It is crucial to seek advice from a workers' compensation lawyer before accepting any light-duty job offers from your employer or insurance company.

Tactic 5: Delaying or failing to pay medical bills

Insurance companies may purposefully delay or fail to make timely payments for medical bills, wage benefits, or other related costs. They may do this by saying your treatment options are not needed or that they are still waiting on authorization. This tactic can cause financial strain and place unnecessary burdens on injured workers who are already dealing with the physical and emotional impact of their workplace injuries.

Tactic 6: Getting recorded statements

Requesting a recorded statement is a common tactic used to delay workers' compensation claims. While it's typical for workers' compensation adjusters to ask for a recorded statement from injured workers during the claims process, providing one can actually have negative consequences.

The intention behind the recorded statement is often to uncover inconsistencies, potentially leading to claim delays or denials. In some instances, adjusters may even manipulate the recording or twist the worker's words to serve their own interests.

It's crucial to bear in mind that these adjusters represent the insurance company, not the injured worker, and their primary objective is to protect the company's bottom line. While giving a recorded statement may appear harmless or beneficial, it can ultimately jeopardize a workers' compensation claim.

How a workers' comp attorney can help you fight back

Navigating the process of obtaining workers' compensation benefits in Mississippi is rarely easy for injured workers to do on their own, as insurance companies often employ unfair tactics that can unnecessarily complicate matters. At Tabor Law Firm, P.A., we are committed to helping injured workers fight for the benefits they're entitled to under Mississippi law.

Our highly skilled legal team is well-versed in the deceptive tactics employed by insurance companies, and we don't stand for them. Take the initial step toward obtaining the compensation and benefits you rightfully deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and ensure your rights are protected. With offices in Ridgeland and Jackson, we proudly serve injured workers throughout Mississippi.

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