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Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Workplace

Not just a problem for athletes

Mississippi workers' compensationIt is well known that concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common among athletes, especially football players, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. TBIs are a prevalent injury in numerous other fields as well. First responders, construction workers, delivery drivers, warehouse employees, and loading dock workers are also disproportionately affected by concussions and TBIs.

There are a few basic safety measures that can help to prevent concussions, which vary from workplace to workplace. On construction sites, for example, hard hats provide a high level of protection against concussions and other head injuries. It's important for employers to follow accepted safety protocols in their workplaces to prevent employees from sustaining serious injuries.

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When undiagnosed, a concussion or other TBIs can have real and lasting effects. These could be anything from daily, persistent headaches to a brain hemorrhage or hematoma. Concussions might be hard to treat, but a doctor can order MRIs or other tests that will help determine the full extent of the damage.

If you are injured on the job, report the incident to your employer as soon as possible and seek medical help immediately, even if you feel fine. It’s so much better to get checked by a doctor and find that there is no lasting injury than to continue working with an undiagnosed concussion or traumatic brain injury. Working under those conditions can create a real danger for you and your coworkers. TBIs can alter a person’s ability to concentrate, see clearly, or sleep at night, all of which can lead to danger in the workplace, to say nothing of the broader impact on your quality of life.

After you have faced an on-site work injury, you need a Mississippi workers' compensation attorney who knows what you are going through. You need Tabor Law Firm. We will fight to make sure your needs are met after an accident — whether that means ensuring that you and your family are taken care of financially as you heal, or working with your employers to see that all necessary accommodations are made to enable you to return to work.

After an accident, we will work to get your life back to normal. Contact us today.

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