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Two Large-Scale Tech Projects in Mississippi Must Prioritize Worker Safety

Contractors building a wind turbine in Mississippi

Construction and operation of the new facilities are expected to create hundreds of jobs - and new work hazards.

Two large-scale technology projects are adding to Mississippi's growing reputation as a technological innovation hub. As Hush Aerospace and Amazon gear up to construct their expansive manufacturing and development centers, the prospect of job creation and economic growth is on the horizon.

However, this progress comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of occupational safety and the potential hazards workers might face.

Hush Aerospace's UAS facility in Tupelo

Hush Aerospace's upcoming 60,000-square-foot facility in Tupelo is poised to become a key player in developing unmanned aerial systems (UAS). With a substantial investment of nearly $14 million, this state-of-the-art complex is projected to generate around 80 jobs.

As the facility churns out UAS components for prestigious clients like NASA and the U.S. military, it is evident that a diverse range of skills will be required.

From assembly line technicians and quality control inspectors to drone operators and software engineers, the workforce at Hush Aerospace will be as varied as the tasks. Additionally, the deployment of UAS in fields such as package delivery, agriculture, photography, and infrastructure inspection will necessitate training and coordination across different sectors.

However, the advent of UAS technology also introduces its own set of occupational hazards. The distraction caused by drones operating in proximity to workers is a concern highlighted by researchers.

Adequate training and awareness programs will be crucial to ensuring that employees can safely navigate their roles alongside these unmanned systems. Moreover, health risks stemming from direct physical contact and drone behaviors must be addressed through proper safety protocols and continuous monitoring.

Amazon's wind farm

Amazon's ambitious plan to construct the state's first utility-scale wind farm in Tunica County is set to revolutionize Mississippi's energy landscape. With 41 wind turbines harnessing the power of the Mississippi Delta winds, the facility is expected to employ approximately 300 individuals during its construction phase.

Once operational, it is expected to produce enough electricity to power over 174,000 homes annually.

This initiative addresses the state's energy needs and opens doors to employment opportunities spanning various fields. Construction workers, crane operators, electricians, industrial maintenance workers, and project managers will converge to get the wind farm up and running.

However, as with any emerging industry, the hazards associated with wind farm construction and maintenance are still being unraveled.

Working at considerable heights, exposure to moving machinery, confined spaces, toxic chemicals, and adverse weather conditions pose risks that must be managed effectively. Communication and training become critical in an environment where emergency services might not be readily available due to remote locations.

The collapse of cranes due to strong winds emphasizes the importance of careful planning and comprehensive safety protocols.

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While Mississippi welcomes these exciting developments, the welfare of the workers involved remains critical. Employers must prioritize safety measures that involve rigorous training, proper communication channels, and comprehensive emergency response plans.

Whether dealing with advanced drone technologies or wind turbines towering over the landscape, a proactive approach to risk mitigation will be the key to ensuring the well-being of their workforce. These industries can help prevent worker injuries and fatalities by addressing potential hazards head-on.

Injured workers have the legal right to receive workers' compensation benefits, which offer financial support and medical assistance during recovery. However, the process of obtaining these benefits can be challenging due to obstacles.

For instance, insurance companies might downplay injuries, leading to delayed or reduced compensation. Employers contesting claims can also result in prolonged legal battles. Complex paperwork, strict deadlines, and unfamiliar legal procedures can hinder injured workers from receiving fair compensation.

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