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Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Discuss Rotator Cuff Injuries

Mississippi workers' compensationIn many occupations involving repetitive overhead reaching and lifting, workers are at a heightened risk of sustaining rotator cuff injuries. These injuries aren’t caused by sudden workplace accidents. They often take a long time to develop 

In the beginning, a rotator cuff injury can be nothing more than a subtle pain that comes and goes with movement. Over time, it can turn into acute pain and/or continual discomfort. 

Rotator cuff injuries and treatment explained 

There are two types of rotator cuff injuries, according to WebMD. These include:  

  • Partial tears: This type of rotator cuff injury occurs when the tendon in the upper part of your shoulder is pulled or mildly torn.  
  • Complete tears: This type of rotator cuff injury occurs when the tendon is completely torn off the bone. 

Workers who sustain rotator cuff injuries on the job may: 

  • Have a hard time lifting the affected arm 
  • Experience poor range of motion 
  • Experience pain when moving or rotating arm 
  • Shoulder and arm weakness 
  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain 
  • Clicking and popping in shoulder with arm movement 

Treatment depends on the severity of your rotator cuff injury. If you have experienced a partial tear, you may be able to recover with rest, physical therapy, and pain medication. This type of injury can take up to six months to recover from. However, if you have experienced a complete tear, surgery may be required, along with a lengthy physical therapy process.  

Initially, your doctor will look at your shoulder strength and range of motion. Identifying and documenting your injury may also involve an MRI or X-ray of your shoulder.  

Injured? Don’t wait to speak to an attorney

If you have sustained a rotator cuff injury due to the nature of your job, it’s important that your rights are upheld. Proving that a rotator cuff injury was work-related can be difficult. The insurance companies in charge of paying out workers’ compensation benefits may attempt to downplay or deny your claim. However, these types of injuries are serious and can worsen if left untreated. 

The recovery process may leave you with expensive medical bills and time spent away from work. That’s why you need an attorney on your side who knows how the workers’ compensation system in Mississippi works. You need an attorney who will ensure that you are treated fairly, and who will negotiate tirelessly to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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