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Workplace Fatigue Puts Mississippi Workers at Risk

Mississippi workers' compensationMany hazards in the workplace can cause injuries to employees. One that is too often overlooked is worker fatigue. Fatigue, while a common problem experienced by many workers, can be extremely dangerous. Tired employees are more likely to make mistakes. When these mistakes affect important safety practices, injury can befall not only the worker, but co-workers and even innocent third parties.

Third-party claimants will have to prove the worker was negligent in causing an injury (and companies can be held vicariously liable for employees' negligence). Workers who are hurt in the course of their employment due to fatigue are entitled to workers' compensation. Consult with a Jackson area workers' compensation attorney in order to protect your legal rights after any workplace injury.

A Dangerously Common Problem

According to Total Safety, workplace fatigue affects 40 percent of employees across the United States. Fatigue can affect a worker's ability to perform standard job functions. When the job involves heavy machinery, hazardous materials, or other dangerous conditions, the risk of a fatigue-related injury can increase dramatically. Even the daily commute to and from work is made more dangerous by fatigue. A lack of rest can cause commuters to experience reduced alertness and delayed reaction times, both of which make a driver more likely to cause an auto accident.

But it is not just the immediate risks of workplace accidents that are harmful to fatigued workers. Overall health is affected by the long-term effects of fatigue. A long-term lack of sleep can lead to medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The governments of both Canada and Victoria, Australia warn citizens about the adverse health effects of long-term fatigue. They also warn workers about some of the causes of fatigue. These can include: sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, rotating work schedules or changes in home life which affect sleep patterns (such as a new baby).

Real Consequences for Mississippi Workers

There are many causes of workplace accidents. The legal cause of an accident determines who may be responsible for compensating the injured worker in a third-party claim. It can also affect eligibility for workers' compensation and disability programs in some cases. It is therefore important that injured workers seek legal advice about their rights when it comes to workplace accident claims.

A Jackson area workers' compensation attorney can help injured workers file claims, determine eligibility for insurance and disability coverage, and protect their legal rights during the difficult period of recovery. An attorney's experience can increase an injury victim's access to many different types of compensation.

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