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We’re proud to stand up for injured workers

You work hard. If you’ve been in a work accident in Jackson, MS, let our law firm go to work for you. For many years, the workers’ compensation attorneys at Tabor Law Firm, P.A. have been standing up for the rights of injured workers throughout greater Jackson.

We handle the following types of cases on behalf of injured people:

When you’re injured, everything changes. You may not be able to work. Bills are piling up. You may struggle to take care of your kids or live your life. When your injury happens on the job, you have rights under Mississippi law – whether the accident was your fault or not. We can help protect them.

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We’re based in Ridgeland, just outside Jackson and minutes away from the offices of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. We have the experience and resources needed to fight for you every step of the way. We don’t get paid until and unless we win for you. Schedule your free consultation today to get an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Jackson Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Anyone can get hurt on the job in a moment, and under Mississippi law, every injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under most circumstances. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to get the benefits you deserve. Your employer or their insurance company will put up obstacles in your way to protect their bottom line. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will fight back.

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Jackson Work Accident Attorney

One moment, you’re doing your job. The next, you’re on the ground in pain. The road to recovery maybe long, but we’re here for you every step of the way. Our work accident attorneys know how to prove that your accident happened on the job and make your case for the full amount of benefits you’re owed. We may also be able to pursue a third-party claim on your behalf.

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Jackson Work Injury Lawyer

Even a seemingly minor work injury can have huge implications for your life. Are you still able to do your job? Do you have to take on a “light duty” role with fewer hours or lower pay? How will you get your medical bills paid? We’re proud to stand up for injured workers in Jackson and throughout the surrounding communities. Schedule your free consultation with a work injury lawyer today.

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Jackson Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen fast in Jackson, from car wrecks to slip and falls and more. When injuries are caused by negligence, we fight to hold the responsibly party accountable. We’re passionate about making Jackson safer and helping our clients rebuild their lives. If you’ve been injured in an accident in Jackson, a personal injury attorney at our law firm can help.

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Jackson Social Security Disability Attorney

You’ve worked hard your whole life and paid into the system. Now, you can’t work – and the system will try not to pay you back. The Social Security Administration routinely denies applications for Social Security Disability benefits. We know what to do next. Social Security disability attorney Jonathan Tabor has a perfect record: 100 percent favorable decisions in SSD appeals. Put experience on your side and get the benefits you need to move forward.

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