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The road to recovery may be long if you’ve been hurt at your job, but an experienced Jackson work accident lawyer from the Tabor Law Firm, P.A. can guide you ─ every step of the way. You’ve been seriously injured at work and have questions. What is workers’ compensation and how does it work? What are the laws? How do I get workers’ comp? What responsibilities does my employer have? Our legal team can answer your questions and help you get the benefits you need and deserve. Let a Jackson work accident attorney help you navigate the road ahead and get you the benefits you’re entitled to. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Injured workers in Jackson and throughout Mississippi know they can count on our work accident lawyers to deliver real results that will have a positive impact on their lives. If you’ve been hurt at work, in most situations you’ll be eligible for workers’ compensation. There are many different jobs, and no matter what type of work you do, you are at risk of getting injured in a work accident. Some common industries in Mississippi include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Healthcare
  • Chicken plants
  • Food production
  • Transportation
  • Education

Having a work accident can dramatically change your life. Whether you suffered a bulging disc from heaving lifting, sustained a knee injury from a fall, or have a hard time standing because you’re in constant pain from working all day at the construction site ─ our Jackson legal team is ready to lift you up and advocate for your best interests.

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    You have a right to workers’ compensation benefits

    Most employers in Mississippi are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance so their employees are covered in the event of a work accident that results in injury. If you’ve been hurt in an on-the-job accident, you don’t need to prove negligence to receive benefits. That’s because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning it doesn’t matter if the accident was your fault or due to the negligence of your employer. As long as your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you should be eligible for benefits on your very first day of the job.

    Workers’ compensation pays for you to receive reasonable and appropriate medical treatment for your work injury. You should also be eligible to receive partial wages while you’re out of work, and if your injury leaves you disabled and unable to return to your job, vocational rehabilitation benefits are available to help you find a new place of employment.

    Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies are notorious for disputing claims so they can pay you as little as possible. They may try to dispute the severity of your injury, downplay your need for certain medical treatment, or argue that you should be ready to return to work while you’re still trying to recover from your injury. Stop letting them give you a hard time. You have legal rights, and our work accident attorneys can protect them. See what the lawyers from our law firm can do for you. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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