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Teachers and other educational workers have important jobs. And though we often don't think of their work as being dangerous, they do face health risks. When teachers in greater Jackson or elsewhere in Mississippi get hurt as a result of a work-related accident or illness, they are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. But actually getting those benefits can often be very difficult. At Tabor Law Firm, P.A. our experienced workers' compensation attorneys help you and other injured workers navigate the claims process.

At any school, teachers and other educational workers can become injured or ill due to:

  • Stress - Teachers often have to deal with overcrowded classrooms, unrealistic expectations, unruly students and dissatisfied parents. Cumulative stress can cause symptoms such as sleep problems, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal issues and lead to illness.
  • Toxic exposure - Many teachers work in environments where there are fumes, mold, excessive dirt or dust and disease-carrying rodents and insects. Exposure can cause symptoms such as headaches, skin rashes, stomach cramps and depression and can also have serious health effects such as cancer.
  • Acts of violence - Violence against teachers has become more common, with incidents involving physical assaults, stabbings and shootings.
  • Building hazards - For example, teachers can be injured in a slip-and-fall accident, or an accident involving falling objects, lifting heavy objects or a fire.

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    Because of a work-related injury or illness, teachers may be hospitalized and require surgery, medication and therapy. Treatment may involve several doctor appointments. They may not be able to return to work for some time, resulting in loss income. Meanwhile, their usual bills keep coming in.

    Workers' compensation benefits can help injured or ill teachers cover the cost of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. And teachers can collect partial wages during the time they are unable to return to work. But the claims process can be confusing and frustrating, and employers and insurance companies can challenge their claim.

    Our Law Firm Stands Up For Injured Educators

    That's why it's important to have an experienced workers' compensation lawyer fighting for you. Our firm has been helping injured educational workers for many years. We know the law and know how the system works in Mississippi. Our attorneys build a strong case and fight for you at all hearings and appeals, up to and including court hearings.

    We will fight to get you the resolution of your case that meets your needs. Insurance companies may make you a lowball offer to settle your claim. They don't intimidate us. If they don't offer you a fair deal, we're prepared to litigate your claim to get you all the benefits you deserve.

    If you are a teacher or educational worker who has been hurt or became ill on the job, talk to one of our attorneys. Contact us online or call (601) 944-9588 to schedule a free consultation.

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