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Health care workers spend their shifts helping other people get better. While doing their jobs, they can suffer an injury themselves. When health care workers get hurt, they are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, but the claims process can be difficult and frustrating. That's why they turn to the experienced workers' compensation attorneys at Tabor Law Firm, P.A.

People in health care work as doctors, nurses, nursing aides, orderlies, technicians, therapists, pharmacists and in other positions. Whether you work at a hospital, doctor's office, clinic, nursing home or for an ambulance service, we understand that you and other health care workers in Ridgeland, Jackson and other Mississippi communities have difficult jobs. Your typical day may involve:

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    • Lifting patients
    • Pushing wheelchairs or hospital beds
    • Handling sharp needles and instruments
    • Exposure to viruses and bacteria
    • Exposure to bodily fluids
    • Dealing with violent patients
    • Trying to avoid spills and obstacles

    In a work accident, a health care worker can suffer muscle strains or sprains, a back injury, broken bones, or a serious illness caused by an airborne virus. Then they become a patient and require their own medical treatment. The costs of that treatment can add up quickly. In addition, they miss time from work and lose income, but they still have to pay their usual living expenses.

    Workers' Compensation Can Help - But You Need an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

    The state established a workers' compensation system to help in situations like this. It covers the costs of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. This includes any needed doctor's visits, hospital stays, medication and therapy. Other benefits include partial wages during the time the worker is unable to return to the job.

    It sounds simple, but getting workers' compensation benefits can be complicated. Employers and insurance companies can challenge claims, which may be denied as a result. Some claim an injury was pre-existing, or question whether a medical procedure is necessary. Others may take the position that you are able to return to work, when in fact you are still recovering.

    Our Law Firm Will Fight For Your Rights

    That's why you need an experienced workers' compensation attorney to fight for your rights. We know how employers and insurance companies try to avoid responsibility, and we know what to do about it. Our attorneys build a strong case that proves you were hurt at work and that your injuries require certain medical treatment. We fight attempts to make you return to work if you are still recovering from your injury or illness.

    If you are a health care worker who has been hurt at the workplace, contact our firm for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Call (601) 944-9588.

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