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Workplace injuries often caused by falling off a ladder or great height

Attorney explains what you need to do to prevent work-related fall injuries Falling off a ladder or falling from a height remain one of the most common causes of workplace accidents, according to statistics compiled by the federal government. Fortunately, there are steps workers can take to prevent these serious workplace accidents, especially when it...

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Our attorneys are serving clients remotely during COVID-19

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves recently issued a statewide stay-at-home order (Executive Order No. 1466) amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, many businesses have closed their doors and many residents have been urged to stay home in order to prevent the spread of this disease. Mississippi residents must still go out at times to...

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Is it dangerous to use earbuds at work?

Listening to music can help get you through the day. A good tune can make you dance. A song can fill you with emotion, boost your energy or change the way you think about the world. When you listen to music on earbuds or headphones while performing your job, however, you can put yourself at...

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Combustible dust: An often overlooked safety hazard

We rarely see dust as a serious workplace hazard. Sometimes, we see it floating through the air, building up on window sills and countertops. Dust is seen as more of a nuisance than a hazard, but it can be dangerous, under the right conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines combustible dust as "a...

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5 occupations most affected by mesothelioma

Cancer caused by exposure to asbestos – known as mesothelioma – continues to haunt workers in Mississippi and across the country. The symptoms may not show themselves for decades. Workers in the greatest danger You may think of asbestos as an outdated threat to workers because many companies stopped using the mineral in the 1980s,...

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Unintentional worker death rate on the rise

You might think advances in safety technology and increased awareness of the need to prevent work-related accidents would lead to a decline in worker fatalities. You would be wrong, however. In a troubling report, the National Safety Council announced unintentional, preventable worker fatalities numbered 4,414 in 2017, a slight upturn over the 4,398 deaths in...

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What not to do while out of work due to an injury

You were injured on the job. You reported your injury, sought medical attention, and consulted with a workers' compensation attorney who helped you obtain benefits while you were unable to work. Now what? If you are currently out of work due to an injury or are in the process of pursuing a workers' compensation claim,...

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Here's How to Prevent Injuries Caused by Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are essential heavy machinery for every warehouse and manufacturing plant. Workers rely on them to efficiently carry inventory from point A to point B. While highly useful, forklifts can also be dangerous when not operated with care. Accidents involving forklifts often result in catastrophic, and even fatal, injuries. In less severe cases, workers may...

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Too many U.S. workers are being exposed to dangerous secondhand tobacco smoke on the job, according to a new study

Nearly one in five workers in the United States is exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke on the job, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study found the construction industry had the highest number of workers suffering secondhand smoke exposure on the job with 2.9 million, according to the...

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The Dangers of Heat Stroke and Heat Illness

As summer temperatures rise, the federal government has a message for employers: take care of your employees. Plan for emergency response procedures and be prepared for heat illness prevention by providing: Water: provide it free, cool and with encouragement to drink it. Shade: make it available at workers’ request. Compliance with workplace heat safety regulations is the...

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