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Rotator Cuff Injury At Work

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Every year more than 4.5 million physician visits are reported nationwide due to rotator cuff tears. Although this injury is often associated with athletes, it is the most common form of upper extremity injury for employees collecting workers' compensation.

In Mississippi, employees suffering from rotator cuff injuries can apply for workers' compensation. The benefits pay for injury-related medical expenses and partial wages while you recover.

Even though workers' comp is a no-fault system, the application process can be complicated and unforgiving of minor mistakes. An experienced Jackson workers' compensation attorney can help you make a strong application for maximum results.

If you were injured at work, you probably have many questions. Contact Tabor Law Firm, P.A. Our workers' compensation lawyers have been helping injured employees get benefits for more than 30 years. We can give you answers that you can trust.

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How do rotator cuff injuries happen at work?

Typically, traumatic incidents and accidents cause work-related rotator cuff injuries. Common causes include:

  • Performing overhead tasks.
  • Motor or construction vehicle accidents.
  • Struck by object or equipment.
  • Repetitive stress from frequent, unnatural positions.
  • Throwing.
  • Working with poor shoulder girdle (clavicle, humerus, and scapula) alignment.

Strained or pulled tendons and partial tears in the rotator cuff usually heal with proper treatment, including using an arm sling, several months of physical therapy, and lots of rest. For more severe injuries, surgery may be necessary to repair full-thickness tears.

Rotator cuff injury types and symptoms

Symptoms of a rotator cuff work injury include dull achy pain that reduces a person's ability to do daily activities like combing hair, showering, and reaching items on high shelves. Pain may be felt in the joint at rest, even while sleeping. In addition, you may experience weakness when lifting or rotating your arm. "Crepitus," or the cracking, popping sound joints sometimes make, can also be a sign of damage.

If not properly treated, rotator cuff injuries can develop into chronic pain and permanent disability. Here are some common rotator cuff work injuries:

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, aka subacromial pain syndrome or SAPS. It causes the humeral head (top of the arm bone) to rub against structures it shouldn't, like certain bursa (soft sacs that cushion movement).
  • Subacromial bursitis, an inflammation of the shoulder bursa. This may be treated by steroid injections or oral steroids and often requires physical therapy to regain the full range of shoulder function.
  • Superior Labral Tear in Anterior Posterior Direction (SLAP Tear) is a tear to the shoulder cartilage where the bicep tendon attaches. SLAP tears may result from a car accident, overstretched arm, rapid pulling and forceful movements, or lifting heavy weight.

Treatment for work-related rotator cuff injuries

A common treatment for serious rotator cuff work injuries is "arthroscopic rotator cuff repair" surgery. The procedure can do a few things for the injured employee:

  • Bring the torn tendons back together.
  • Anchor clips or metal or plastic to reconstruct the tendon.
  • Replace the labrum or cartilage along the shoulder joint.
  • Remove scar tissue or bone spurs.
  • And otherwise reduce inflammation.

Recovering from a rotator cuff injury often requires a lot of time away from work, but employers and their insurance providers frequently rush employees to get back on the job. That's why you need an attorney who knows how the workers' compensation system in Mississippi works. Tabor Law Firm, P.A., is dedicated to protecting your right to recover from a work injury or illness. We never settle for less. Our lawyers litigate most of the workers' compensation claims we handle.

Get the benefits you deserve with a Jackson work injury attorney

If you have sustained a rotator cuff injury due to the nature of your job, it's important that your rights are upheld. Unfortunately, proving that a rotator cuff injury is work-related can be difficult. The insurance companies in charge of paying out workers' compensation benefits may attempt to downplay or deny your claim. However, these injuries are severe and can worsen if left untreated.

If you experienced a rotator cuff or other shoulder injury at work, contact us for a free case consultation.

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