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Knee and Leg Injuries

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Most workers rely on healthy knees and legs to help them do their jobs. An on-the-job injury can make mobility difficult, and they may miss time from work. Injured workers are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, but the claims process can be confusing and frustrating. Tabor Law Firm, P.A. has two experienced workers' compensation lawyers who can help injured workers get the benefits they deserve.

Every day, workers in Ridgeland, Jackson and throughout Mississippi use their knees and legs to help them:

  • Stand
  • Walk
  • Squat down
  • Lift
  • Climb stairs

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    But injuries to the knees and legs are common, and can happen at any workplace. Injuries can happen after slipping and falling, being struck by an object, falling from a height, or simply bending and lifting repeatedly over time. These injuries can leave people temporarily unable to work, particularly in industries such as construction, manufacturing or warehouse operations.

    Workers' Compensation Can Help You Deal With the Consequences of a Lower Body Injury

    Examples of knee and leg injuries suffered at the workplace include sprains and strains, broken bones, dislocated kneecaps, torn ligaments and inflammation. Any of these injuries can be very painful and severely limit mobility. Treatment may involve surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and medication. Most treatment also involves resting the injured knee or leg, which often means time away from work.

    Mississippi workers' compensation benefits include coverage for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. As an injured worker, you are also eligible to receive partial wages during the time you are unable to return to work. However, employers and insurance companies can challenge your benefits. They may also claim you are ready to return to work, even though you know you still need more time to recover from your injury.

    Get a Determined Workers' Compensation Lawyer on Your Side

    Employers and insurance companies have their own lawyers who try to deny you benefits. That's why you need an experienced lawyer fighting on your behalf. Attorneys Jonathan Tabor and Leigh-Ann Tabor have a thorough knowledge of the state's workers' compensation laws and know how to successfully navigate the claims process.

    If your claim is denied, we are relentless in our fight to get you the benefits you need and deserve. We know how to build strong cases and we will stand by you at every step in your appeal process. We are only interested in a resolution of your case that meets your needs. That's why we litigate the majority of our workers' compensation cases.

    Take steps to maximize your benefits today. If you have suffered a knee or leg injury at the workplace, contact us online or call (601) 944-9588 to schedule a free consultation.

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