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Toxic Exposure

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Some workers in Mississippi work directly with – or around – toxic chemicals and substances. When laws and procedures aren’t followed, workers can be exposed to these chemicals and substances and suffer serious health consequences, including severe on-the-job injuries.

If you sustained a serious injury at work due to exposure to toxic chemicals, the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Tabor Law Firm, P.A. can fight to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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    Toxic chemicals can be found in many types of workplaces, including:

    • Construction sites
    • Chemical processing labs
    • Refineries
    • Trucking companies
    • Industrial plants
    • Factories

    But toxic exposure can occur at any workplace that has toxic chemicals or substances on the premises. All it takes is one accident or act of negligence to affect the health of workers. This exposure can occur one time, or over a longer period of time if safety procedures are regularly ignored.

    The health effects of toxic exposure depend on many factors and can vary widely. Exposure to toxic fumes can lead to respiratory issues. Skin contact can result in burns or rashes. Accidentally ingesting a toxic chemical or substance can result in internal injuries or neurological damage. Long-term exposure can result in cancer or other serious illnesses.

    Workers who suffer toxic exposure on the job in Mississippi have the right to workers’ compensation benefits. But the claims process can be complicated and employers may challenge claims. Insurance companies may question the extent of the injury or illness and deny certain treatment.

    That’s why it’s important to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. You need one who knows how the system works and will fight to get you benefits you deserve.

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    Attorneys Jonathan Tabor and Leigh-Ann Tabor have years of experience helping clients with their workers’ compensation claims in Ridgeland, Jackson and all of Mississippi. They know the tricks insurance companies use to try to keep payments as low as possible. And they know how to build strong cases that the insurance companies have to take seriously.

    We can help you at every step of the claims process. We can make sure the correct paperwork is filed and that all deadlines are met. We can help you get medical records that document your injuries. And if your claim is denied, we can file an appeal on your behalf and represent you at every hearing. If necessary, we will fight for your benefits in court.

    Insurance companies may fight hard against claims involving toxic exposure. That’s because there’s a lot of money at stake. Illnesses related to toxic exposure may require extensive treatment. Medical expenses can add up quickly. They have lawyers looking out for their best interests trying to keep your payments as low as possible.

    That’s why you need an experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation attorney on your side. We can fight for your rights and focus on getting the best possible outcome. That means a resolution of your case that pays for the treatment you need and the partial wages that you deserve.

    If you suffered an injury or illness related to toxic exposure in the workplace, contact us to learn more about we can help. One of our workers’ compensation attorneys can go over your options during your free consultation. Call us today at (601) 202-5491.

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